SOIL BIOLOGY grows plants and predicts and creates soil fertility (Health, yields...) then the natural chemistry follows.

We MEASURE (assess) the SOIL FOOD WEB:

The ACTIVE BIOLOGY in your SOIL, COMPOST and COMPOST TEA with a light shadowing microscope.

Why guess when you can test(TM)

Is your soil or compost living up to its full potential?
Abundant, balanced and active soil biology grows healthy and high yielding plants!
Do you need to know if your changes and efforts will payoff?

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A microscope soil food web assessment measures the active biology in the sample you send to our lab.  We measure the biomass of four main groups of organisms:  Bacteria, Fungus, Protozoa and Nematodes.

This assessment approach can help to guide you to growing healthier plants with bigger yields in less time and possibly less weeds – without the guess work.
We produce accurate results quickly and we will immediately assess all samples we receive.  Care and attention to detail goes into every step in this testing and reporting process.
I am annually re-certificated as a Soil Food Web Lab Technician by Dr. Elaine’s Soil Food Web School.  This re-certification process requires passing three exams which keeps our lab standards and techniques continuously updated.

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Why guess when you can test(TM)

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An active enough soil biology (soil food web) in balance is one of the biggest driving factors for increased plant yields and health.

This biology builds soil structure, which helps mitigate abundant rainfall and droughts.

Soil and compost is not all the same.  It helps to know your starting conditions and measure your progress as you make improvements.  You can reach your yield, health and soil structure goals faster with soil food web assessments along the way.

Beneficial Bacteria feeding Nematode (10 micrometers wide by 100 micrometers long)
Compared to human hair the finest hair width is about 15 micrometers and the thickest is 180.