Soil food web Details

How does the Soil Food Web work for you?

Dr. Elaines’ soil food web approach is based on research, observation, and results that increase yields, increase plant health, builds soil structure, and reduces weeds. 

The soil food web microscopy testing approach speeds up the process of improving soil and offers more consistent results. This test focuses on measuring the active biology of beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria, fungus, protozoa and nematodes.

The results inform and guide the grower to a quicker and better outcome.  It’s very important to get your soil nutrient cycling to the degree your crop and yields require for the best outcome. This approach works with nature.  The most common error is setting the soil back in succession (see videos).   Enough soil disturbance will destroying beneficial fungus and set your soil back in succession which can effect your plant yields, health, long term productivity and may allow for more weeds to sprout.

Soil disturbances (tilling, floods…) will damage the most vulnerable first, beneficial fungus.  This shifts the soil back in succession causing a more bacteria dominated soil which triggers more weed seeds to sprout.   Bacteria dominated soils produce more nitate, which triggers weed seeds to sprout.  Learn more about this in the video to the right.

With enough nutrient cycling (ie active beneficial biology in the soil) more and more non-exchangeable minerals become exchangeable.  Non-exchangeable minerals are in your soils parent materials (sand, silt, rocks and clay) and all soils have these in abundance. However, they don’t always have enough soil biology (soil food web) to tap into this gold mine of minerals which equates to dense nutrition, healthier plants and bigger yields.

A balanced active soil biology grows healthy and higher yielding plants. It also structures the soil in such a way that too much rain or too little rain is better managed.  Of course if your soils are too compacted roots can not grow through them then it will be required to use mechanical tools to do the initial work then use the soil biology to develop and maintain these newly opened spaces.

With the proper soil food web weed pressure may be reduced dramatically. Nature will always maintain and sustain it self. It helps when you know the natural leverage points so nature can work effectively for you and a microscope soil biology assessment can do this work for you.

A microscope provides a window into the biology of the soil/compost. Soil biology grows plants. Amendments generally feed the biology but if enough of the soil food web is not there your efforts are of little value. On the flip side, the wrong biology grows more weeds and low yielding sickly plants.

I have learned to make BioComplete(TM) Compost which anyone can make.  This compost meets the minimum active biology standards, measured by doing a biological assessment with a light shadowing microscope.   If you prefer to do this microscopy work yourself visit soilfoodweb.com to learn how.

A soil assessment can be a great help for any hobby garden, lawn, pasture, farm or market garden.

Or maybe you are working on developing and perfecting your own regional compost operation. Marketing it as BioComplete(TM) will demand a higher price if you can prove it with a biological assessment.

Would you like a soil biology assessment?  Send me your soil, compost or compost tea sample today.

Why Choose Us as your soil food web lab

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Standard of Excellence

We are guided by the lab standards set by the Certified Laboratory Program produced by the Dr. Elaines’ Soil Food Web School.  This school requires annual recertification.

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phone support

We are here to answer any questions about the lab results we produce for you.  We are here to help you grow successfully. 


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Networking Connections

If you need more than just lab work to be successful with your growing projects we can refer you to others in the soil food web community who may be a good fit for your needs.