Biologically Complete Compost

  • Inoculates 5000sqft about 8 times or 1 acre one time
  • Apply as a water extract
  • Apply as frequently as every 10 days or until desired soil biology goals are met
  • Large acreage application
  • 25lbs per acre (about 1/2 cuft per acre) as a water extract
  • That’s $15.63/acre @ $750/yard
  • Apply 4x per year to limit trips over pasture or apply as frequently as every 10 days

E-commerce is Here.

To purchase the 1/2 cubic ft (3.7gallons) just email us your name, phone# and shipping address or local pickup in Deland, FL. Then we will send you a secure paypal invoice (no paypal account required - just use a credit card). Call or email me for bulk compost.

Note: Compost tea (aerated compost with biological foods added) requires more skill and equipment then I can cover here at the moment.  Teas make glues so they will stick to plant surfaces.  Extract is used to drench/water the soil deeply.  Tea applied to the soil will mainly stick to the surface of the soil which maybe much less effective than an extract applied to the soil.

To make an Extract consider the following instructions:

Two cups of compost will treat 200sqft and one cup for 100sqft

Put one or two cups of compost in a 400 micron compost tea bag or fine mesh spaghetti strainer (30 mesh works good – that is about 600 micron).

Tea Bag Method:
1) put about 2-3 gallons of water (or whatever amount of water you require for your soil drench) in a clean 5 gallon bucket
2) let tea bag sit for 5 minutes in the water
3) dunk bag in and out of water and squeeze gently for about one minute (no aggressive rubbing – that kills the biology)
4) remove what is left in the tea bag – either sprinkle it on your garden or put it back in your compost to get re-inoculated
5) repeat to make more extract

Fine mesh spaghetti strainer:
Note: This method works for making small and large quantities of compost extract
1) install a valve at the end of a garden hose or adjust you faucet valve
2) put the strainer over a 5 gallon bucket
3) open the valve enough to rinse the biology from the compost – not too strong or too light. Just enough to get the amount of water you want to use for your soil drench and enough to wash all the biology from the compost.
4) remove what is left in the strainer – either sprinkle it on your garden or put it back in your compost to get re-inoculated
5) repeat to make more extract

How to apply the extract:
Dilute the extract as much as your application requires. Use a watering can to trench the soil with the extract. Or drill 1/8 inch holes (40-50 holes evenly distributed) in the bottom of a 2 gallon bucket and submerge it in the 5 gallon bucket of extract – lift it out by the handle and drench the soil – work fast depending on number of holes you drill. I recommend about .

Farm scale application methods require eliminating all spray rig filters and 90 degree fittings – these will kill the biology right quick. Some farmers use shaker screens for large scale compost extractions.


1) Use only clean water free of Chlorine and Chloramine and other water contaminates.

2) Chlorine and Chloramine will kill soil biology.  Use water extracted humic acid to neutralize (complex) these chemicals.  Just add enough to get a slight color change.   water extracted humic acid is expensive and difficult to source sometimes.   A healthy amount of humic acid comes with the biologically complete compost we sell so just line a small strainer with a chemical free coffee filter and add 1/2 cup of compost.   Pour water over compost and let it run through.   Use just enough of this treated water to get the slight color change in a white five gallon bucket of water.  Tractor Supply sells white five gallon buckets.


Purchase Biologically Complete Compost for Your Garden, Pasture, Nursery...

The Life of Soil(TM) your soil/compost biology lab and Gaston Tree Debris Recycling, LLC have collaborated to bring you this specially formulated biologically complete compost.

This specially developed biologically complete compost is carefully maintained to insure rich and diverse beneficial fungi population which most soil and compost are sadly lacking.

It will come with an active biology microscope assessment report (per lot) which will meet or exceed all the current BioComplete(TM) Compost standards. Typically, some of the most important factors in my specially formulated biologically complete compost will be beneficial fungi which usually range from 1000 to 2000 ug/g and protozoa greater than 100,000 count/g.

This biologically complete compost can be picked up in Deland, Florida.   One yard is about 1200lbs (+/-100lbs).  It’s currently 30-40% sand.   

$500 to $750 per yard

$450  per 1/2 yard

$250 per 1/4 yard (that’s about ten 5-gallon buckets (buckets not included)) – bring your own containers.

$80 per 0.5 cubic ft (~3.7 gallons, screened to ~1/2 inch) pickup in Deland, FL.     Shipping within most parts of florida costs about $20 per 0.5 cubic ft.

Shipping large bulk compost quantities is possible – call me if this is what you require.

Large quantities (1/4 yard or more) of biologically complete compost stores best in Florida conditions with some large wood chips/chunks in it (~4″ to ~2″ chunks are about 10%), so currently I do not have plans to screen it before the sale.

In my experience these wood chunks help to keep it hydrated and biologically active. This way the compost should store for at least one year or more if kept properly hydrated at about 30-50% free water and covered.  These wood chunks are good beneficial fungi food especially in their current aged state. On some projects, I screen it just before I use it to maximize its potential.

I can ship out smaller amounts of this compost (0.5 cubic ft, ~3.7 gallons, screened to ~1/2″). The cost would be $80 for the compost and about $20 for the handling, shipping (22lbs package) and packaging.   Bring your own bucket for local pickup.  Local pickup for this product is in Deland, Florida.

Remember, the right type of compost can work like magic if applied correctly. Nature can create abundance when in partnership with it, by using the correct compost. Soil biology needs to be managed properly just like animals, plants, and water…. biological details matter when it comes to regenerative agriculture.

You can use this biologically complete compost to create a water compost extract which is great for inoculating the soil ans to get it deep into the soil. Generally at a high concentration (high biomass density) a 0.5 cubic ft can cover 5000 sq. ft (with multiple applications) as a simple water extract (refer to the top of this page for instructions).

A typical large acreage application is 25lbs per acre as a water extract – that’s $15.63/acre @ $750/yard.   It could be applied 4x per year to minimize trips across the field.  The concentration and frequency depends on your application and plant/soil/animal management.

You can also make a compost tea that can be used as a foliar application – aerobically grown teas grow great natural glues so it can stick to the plants surfaces. It takes more skill and time to make a compost tea yet they can create a faster response when formulated and applied correctly.