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The Order Process

please read through everything on this page. Thank you!!

1) YOU fill out the form (below).   This will allow us to put your assessment work on our lab schedule.

2) OUR LAB will reply with a confirmation email and our ship-to-address

+We will put you on the lab schedule and send you the “Sample Collection Protocol” document.  This how to collect a sample of your soil, compost or compost tea.

+Our lab location is near Tallahassee, Florida 32303


3) YOU will collect your sample, ideally on the same day you ship it.


+Please ship on a day which will allow your sample to get to us on your commitment day you stated in the order form

+Be aware your deliver service may delay your delivery during holidays or Sundays.  Please choose an appropriate ship date to insure your sample gets to us on time.  Shipping Monday through Wednesday is generally a go practice.

+Please email or text us the name of your delivery service and tracking number so we know when to expect a delivery. This helps our lab scheduling and protects you from delays.

Thank You for Choosing our lab

    FAQ and Important Considerations

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    Samples should be prepared the same day you ship it out.

    Tallahassee, Florida 32303 (the street address will be sent to you after we receive your completed quot form)

    Payment (check or money order) must be included in your sample shippment.

    We are here to work with you to meet your needs.  Just let us know your needs in a call (919-691-6258), text or email (christopher@thelifeofsoil.com).

    You will receive your report usually a day or less after the assessment.  If you pay in check we sometimes wait till the check clears (usually two days) then we send the report.

    You could pay us using Venmo.  Just put a comment in the order form to request this alternative payment method.